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Responding to COVID-19 Together

Effective: 06/01/2020

Given the uncertainty presented by the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to assure you that A – One Music Group remains committed to providing you the best service possible. As such, we have been working tirelessly to expand our royalty payment system to best serve you during, and after the Global Pandemic. We are ecstatic to expand our royalty payment system to offer you even quicker access to your royalty funds.  We will be lowering the minimum withdrawal requirement, and expanding to even more months for royalty payments. You aren’t required to do anything; we will update our system soon, all the relevant information will be reflected in your account, and in our help center. We take seriously the responsibility we have to the musicians, labels, employees, and their families who depend on us. Should you need assistance, our Customer Service team is available Please Note: Royalty payments will continue to be payed-out on a timely basis.  There may be a delay in responding to support tickets as we adjust to the current global situation. Best Wishes, A – One Music Group Support Department www.aonemusicgroup.com

A - One Music Group has been in business for over two years, we are continually creating a global community. Independent musicians, and record labels place their trust in us to; distribute their music to online music outlets, collect and secure royalties on their behalf, and issue accurate royalty payments. We provide a robust music distribution solution, free of charge.

A – One Music Group is one of the first free music distribution company to offer a truly free, robust and feature rich music distribution solution.


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