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A – One Music Group Fuels Growth Via New Partnership

A – One Music Group is proud to announce the release of our free music distribution service. Inking a deal with our partner to license their distribution technology, A – One Music Group will open the doors for independent musicians and labels, making it easy and fun to distribute their music to all leading music outlets.

A – One Music Group will liberate the music industry by putting control back into the hands of the people. Creating robust synergies by; bringing together the advance technologies our partner provides, with our business expertise to create a truly free music distribution service.

Moving Forward

A – One Music Group will continue to focus on providing users with a robust experience, while independent musicians and labels focus on producing, and promoting their albums and EPs.

Building on our promise of transparency, A – One Music Group will generate profits by accepting voluntary donations, earning interest from idle cash at banking institutions and limiting administrative bloat by using advance automation technology.

Interested In Supporting The Movement?

Feel free to reach out to our support team at support@aonemusicgroup.com or make a donation.

A - One Music Group has been in business for over two years, we are continually creating a global community. Independent musicians, and record labels place their trust in us to; distribute their music to online music outlets, collect and secure royalties on their behalf, and issue accurate royalty payments. We provide a robust music distribution solution, free of charge.

A – One Music Group is one of the first free music distribution company to offer a truly free, robust and feature rich music distribution solution.


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